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Many populations of whales around the world are threatened by collisions with vessels. In the Mediterranean, right in the heart of the Pelagos Sanctuary, the scientific community and several shipowners have joined forces to deal with these accidents.

It is from this dynamic that the REPCET system was born - a collaborative computer tool for use in commercial shipping. Consisting of a network of maritime companies involved in the protection of marine mammals, REPCET allows known positions of whales along shipping lanes to be shared in real time via a communications satellite.


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Posted 13/2/2014

Several Spanish institutions supports REPCET!

In prospect of spreading the system in Spain in 2014, REPCET got the official support from the Spanish Ministry of Environment, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
A good omen before organising a meeting with ANAVE, the association of Spanish ship owners, to present them the REPCET system.


Cliquez ici pour tester REPCET

Test the REPCET system using a simulator. Record your observations of whales to inform other vessels, consult the map of the last known sightings, make sure you increase the watch in high risk zones… REPCET as if you were there!

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