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REPCET is a system that has been developed within the framework of the PELAGOS Sanctuary for marine mammals and is approved by the marine competitiveness cluster Pôle Mer PACA. It is designed to be expanded to other regions where collisions between vessels and large cetaceans are an issue.

REPCET was conceived by Captain Frédéric Capoulade (Armateurs de France). The association Souffleurs d’Ecume coordinates the ecological and ethical aspects, as well as the expansion of the REPCET network. The computer system is developed by Chrisar Software Technologies, which is also responsible for the manufacturing aspects.

REPCET’s development has been made possible thanks to knowledge acquired by the scientific community working on the collisions issue, in particular within the Pelagos Sanctuary. The system’s designers would like to express their gratitude to these people for their valuable contribution.

REPCET network

REPCET is a collaborative system. It can only function if maritime companies in high-risk collision zones agree to participate and equip their vessels. This choice, already made by many of them, goes beyond the traditional competitive outlook towards a common and shared objective: conservation of the environment. On behalf of all those involved in the expansion of the REPCET network, we would like to express our gratitude to these shipowners.

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The development of REPCET has been made possible thanks to the financial, logistic, scientific and moral support of numerous partners.