Summary of observations recorded on the REPCET® software in 2019

In 2019,  1051 observations were reported on the REPCET® software in the Mediterranean sea and other seas or oceans. Large cetaceans such as fin whales and sperm whales are increasingly reported on the REPCET® interface. In 2014, they represented 25% of cetaceans recorded in the software and in 2019 they represented around 50% of all […]


The 2019 REPCET® fleet

The REPCET® fleet now includes 39 vessels and 5 organizations equipped with the land-based system. Since July 1st 2017, Article 106 of the Law for the Reconquest of Biodiversity, Nature and Landscapes requires certain vessels flying the French flag to be equipped with a system for identifying and sharing cetacean positions. The REPCET® system meets […]


The 2018 observations report will soon be available

The great REPCET Network sent 1825 observations. These observations are shared in real time with all the equipped ships and allow to anticipate an encounter with an animal. The raw data are being analyzed and the 2018 report will soon be available. Last year, 911 observations were made.

The Collision Network in 2019

The Collision Network is back on track! The aim is to facilitate the inventory of collisions in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a voluntary and participatory project, carried out with shipowners and port authorities. Membership in the Collision Network is free of charge. Contact us and join the Collision Network. More information.

Training courses 2019

On board training courses to facilitate cetacean recognition are planned for the beginning of this year, on vessels equipped with the REPCET software. A lecture “Commercial Navigation and Cetaceans”, are scheduled on March 7, 2019 at the ENSM in Marseille. Feel free to contact us for more information.