Professionals of the maritime sector concerned with REPCET

Ships under the French law of August 2016

Since the entry into force of the French law for the” Reconquest of the Biodiversity,Nnature and Landscapes” on 1 July 2017, all ferry boats over 24 meters flying the French flag and sailing in the sanctuaries for the marine mammals of Agoa and Pelagos are required to be equipped with a position sharing device to avoid collisions. The REPCET® system meets all the requirements formulated by this new law and is recommended by various associations such as the WWF.

Currently, 39 vessels are equipped with the REPCET system and nearly 50 French vessels still need to be equipped with REPCET® or a similar system.

REPCET antenna

 The real-time information of cetacean position is treated with the strictest safety and ethical rules to guarantee that it will never be used for commercial, recreational or touristic purposes.