REPCET® training courses, a studious summer!

New vessels have been equipped with the REPCET® software and training is being provided. At the beginning of August, we boarded the MN Colibri of the Compagnie Maritime Nantaise for a two hours training courses taught in English. First, the six officers who attended the training learned to use the REPCET® system and then learned to recognize Mediterranean cetaceans.

On the Capo Nero of Maritima’s shipping compagnie, the Commander and his Second had respectively attended a training course at the ENSM in 2013 and had already used REPCET® on another equipped ship. A review rather than a training was given to them and the latest software innovations and data on individuals present in the Mediterranean were taught.

Recently, five officers from the Girolata of the La Méridionale Company attended the training. La Méridionale was one of the first companies to equip itself with REPCET® software long before the law made it mandatory.