REPCET® software prevents collisions between vessels and large cetaceans and so contributes to the cetacean conservation and passenger security.

The composition

The REPCET® system consists in a small central unit with integrated software, a touch screen control, a router box and an antenna located on the upper deck of the ship. The software displays a background map and an input interface in which Mediterranean species are listed. REPCET® can be deployed on all types of vessels without any technical prerequisites. REPCET® has already been successfully installed on cruise ships, cargo ships, ferries, cable ships, sailboats, etc.


The input interface allows, with optimized speed, to send an observation in the system, automatically associated with a series of essential data: vessel’s name and position, animal’s distance and location, species and number of individuals. A relative positioning test pattern has been specially designed for this purpose.

The mapping interface displays the server’s alerts and allows to view all contributors’ alerts on a background map, it’s also possible to zoom or simply move the map. The intuitive signalitic on the touch screen makes easy to identify hazards, their nature and thus, increase vigilance on the deck. Detailed information on alerts can be viewed on demand: origin, time, species and number of individuals.

Satellite communication

REPCET® relies on satellite communication to provide real-time information at any moment and everywhere on the oceans or seas.


 Depending on the ship’s capabilities, several configurations are possible to ensure satellite interoperability:


REPCET® is stand-alone and is supplied with all modules: the antenna equipped with an Iridium® transmitter and GPS receiver, a touch screen (PC or tablet), a cable antenna-PC up to 50 m long.


REPCET® uses the ship’s permanent GPS and Internet connections: PC connection directly to a standard on-board Internet access, Connection to on-board GPS via RS-232 or RS-422.


The vessel has permanent Internet but no accessible GPS: supply of the antenna module equipped only with a GPS receiver, connection of the PC directly on a standard Internet access on board, a cable antenna-PC can reach 50 m in length.


REPCET® uses a computer provided by the owner and uses an existing Internet connection and GPS receiver: The owner provides a dedicated computer with the required performance capabilities, PC connection directly to a standard on-board Internet access, connection to on-board GPS via RS-232 or RS-422.


The REPCET® network subscription is based on a monthly subscription per vessel which includes:

Equipment rental, access to the information and communication network.

Hotline support and technical support for system maintenance and updates.


Many advantages depending on the number of vessels equipped and duration of engagement.